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China supplier Agricultural Machinery Industry Made-to-Order Roller Chain Sprocket sprocket bar

Product Description

Agricultural Machinery Industry MADE-TO-ORDER Roller Chain Sprocket

Product Description


1. Produce strictly in accordance with standard dimension
2. Material: 1045 Steel / Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel 304 & 316 
3. Standard: ANSI, DIN, JINS, ISO, KANA,Standard America or customer’s drawing
4. Pilot bore, finished bore, taper bore and special bore. 
5. Bright surface / high precision / Blacking /Electrophoretic-Coated
6. Advanced heat treatment and surface treatment craft
7. Best quality and competitive price. 
8. Welcome OEM / ODM 
9. Processing Equipment: Hobbing machine, Slotting machine, CNC lathes and other equipment.
10. Sprocket Models: Contains special sprocket according to customer’s drawings, standard sprocket (American standard and metric).

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Company Profile

Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Industry
Hardness: Hardness
40: 1/2"
50: 5/8"
60: 3/4"
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Choosing the Right Chain Sprocket For Your Bike

When deciding which chain sprocket to buy, you should be aware of how they fit on the bike. These sprockets are often secured to the bike’s shaft by either one or more set screws. ANSI standards for sprocket keyways provide the proper dimensions for a given shaft diameter. However, they aren’t universal and might not apply to all applications. As a result, it is important to consult a supplier who is familiar with the exact keyway dimensions.

Roller chain sprocket

A Roller chain sprocket is a gear with toothed rollers. The tooth profile determines the arc length of the roller. A roller with an undercut tooth profile will not transmit movement properly. For this reason, the pitch line of the roller should be equal to the incremental circle length (r) divided by the number of teeth.
The chain sprocket is available in various types. They can be used in conveyor chains. They are usually available as ready-to-mount units. Finished bores and wide hubs are available for mounting them. They are also available with a roller-bearing design.
The teeth of sprocket wheels are derived from the involute-trochoid curve. In order to engage with these teeth, the roller chain must be sufficiently accurate to avoid backlash. However, conventional roller chains can also engage with these teeth. However, this cannot eliminate backlash completely. This is why the invention provides means for reducing the friction between the teeth and the roller. This also increases the life span of the roller-and-sprocket transmission.
In terms of standards, the ANSI standard is widely used in the industry. It accounts for nearly 15% of the market in Europe and holds an advantage over the ISO standards. In North America, manufacturers of sprockets follow the ANSI code B 29.1. The ANSI code provides clear design guidelines and allows for interchangeability among different types.
There are many considerations to make when selecting a sprocket. A key factor is the transmission input. For example, if the transmission has a high horsepower, the center distance between the large and small sprockets is smaller. To compensate for this, a chain with a smaller pitch may be appropriate. Also, if the transmission has a high horsepower ratio, a multiple-strand drive is a viable option.
If you’re looking for a quality roller chain sprocket, you should check out MDS. They stock a wide range of types and sizes for a variety of industrial machinery.

Gap-tooth sprocket

A gap-tooth chain sprocket has tooth-head heights greater than the ISO tooth form height. This ensures that the pins and rollers meet at a point near the tooth head, and eliminates pulsating movement and intermittent changes in speed.
The front and rear surfaces of the sprocket are convex arcs, with radii equal to each other and the center of the tooth gap bottom. This allows for a uniform pitch and reduced friction. The tooth-face height of a gap-tooth chain sprocket is equal to the pitch of the chain, while the radii of its tooth-faces are larger than that of an ISO tooth-form.
One form of gap-tooth chain sprocket has four teeth at regular intervals. The teeth are interconnected by arc-shaped tooth gap bottoms. The resulting chain pitch is called the chain pitch. The gap-tooth sprocket can be used on various types of wheels.
ISO 606 1994 (E) defines the standard chain length, while Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS B 1801) define the standard tooth form. The ISO and Japanese Industrial Standards define two different tooth forms, namely S-tooth and U-tooth. The ISO and Japanese Industrial Standard tooth forms have different tooth pitches, but the root diameter of both forms is the same. The distance between each tooth is measured from the pitch polygon.
The tooth gap bottom circle of the gap-tooth sprocket gradually contacts the surface of the front tooth in the opposite side of the tooth gap. As this process continues, the tooth surface of the gap-tooth sprocket moves closer to the tooth head. This reduces the impact, which results in less noise.
The gap-tooth chain sprocket is an ideal solution for many applications. It allows the chain to disengage easily. With the same frequency, the teeth of the sprocket also help in regulating vibration. A sprocket with short teeth will be easier to disengage when necessary.
Another popular style of gap-tooth chain sprocket is the random polygon 64. The random polygon is a quadrilateral. Each vertex of the quadrilateral is assigned to one of the four consecutive pins on the uniform chain. The four consecutive pins are aligned in a gap-tooth pattern.

Steel split sprocket

Split sprockets are perfect for large portions of the drive system, as they can be installed without disassembling the entire shaft assembly. These sprockets are also useful in applications where there is limited workspace. They can be installed without disassembling the entire shaft assembly, minimizing the risk of damage to the conveyor system and reducing downtime.
There are several different types of split sprockets, including mat chains and table chains. Each type differs in bore diameter, number of teeth, block body style, and abrasion resistance. Some are made from steel, while others are made from a non-split material.
Split sprockets are available from many manufacturers. Typically, the split sprockets are made with two pieces of steel, which are then joined together again. This assembly technique is a cost-effective way to mount sprockets on a shaft. These sprockets can be stocked in multiple sizes and keyways.
Stainless Steel sprockets are available in stock and custom configurations. They are designed to last for years to come. These sprockets are suitable for conveyors, power transmission systems, and robotics. In addition, these sprockets offer heightened quality and durability. Some of these sprockets feature a bevel or spiral bevel gear, while others are made from helical gear.
Split sprockets are available in a variety of sizes. For instance, the RCS-03 is a plain bore type, while the RCS-04 is a finished bore type. Split sprockets are available with a split taper bushed design. They are also available with either single or multiple strands.

Double-duty sprocket

If you are looking for a heavy-duty chain sprocket, you have many choices. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Some have wide teeth while others have narrow teeth. You should choose a sprocket that has the correct tooth pitch for your chain’s pitch diameter. You should also pay attention to the sprocket’s bore, or the hole in its center through which the drive shaft passes.
The type of transmission will also determine the type of sprocket you need. High-power transmissions, for example, require higher-pitch sprockets than lower-pitch models. To make sure that you choose the right sprocket for your application, check the horsepower and pitch of your transmission. If you have a low-pitch transmission, choose a smaller chain pitch. High-horsepower transmissions may also require multiple-strand drive.
There are different standards for sprockets, but ANSI standards are widely accepted. For instance, ANSI code B 29.1 requires sprockets to have two teeth per chain pitch, whereas ISO standards call for three. The double-duty sprocket, on the other hand, engages every other tooth. This helps the sprocket’s lifespan.
There are many different sprockets, and each has different performance characteristics. Generally, sprockets are made of metal or reinforced plastic and are similar to bicycle gears in their wheel-shaped design. Different types of chain sprockets have different teeth and work with different types of chains. The design of the chain and sprocket also determines the type of sprocket needed.
One popular type of double-duty sprocket is the steel-split sprocket. Its pitch is half the pitch of the chain and is usually referred to as a ‘double-duty’ sprocket. It is often used for heavy-duty purposes, as it distributes the load evenly on the chain.
While sprockets come in different tooth pitches and diameters, the recommended number of teeth is 17. The more teeth on the sprocket, the longer it will last. The height of the teeth is also important. A sprocket with more teeth will increase the life of the chain.

China supplier Agricultural Machinery Industry Made-to-Order Roller Chain Sprocket     sprocket barChina supplier Agricultural Machinery Industry Made-to-Order Roller Chain Sprocket     sprocket bar
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in Casablanca Morocco sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Roller Chain Sprocket for Agricultural Machinery From China Manufacturer Scs manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Casablanca Morocco  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Roller Chain Sprocket for Agricultural Machinery From China Manufacturer Scs manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

we provide one particular-end answer for the buy of mechanical energy transmission goods in China. Because of to our wide solution assortment and rich experiences in this sector, The group is focused on making all selection of regular roller chains and sprockets, gears & gearboxes, such as conveyor chain & sprockets , stainless metal chain, agricultural chain and has not just offered its goods all over china, but also sold far more than 65% merchandise to oversees, including Europe, The us, South-east Asia, and it also has set up storage logistics in places like Europe. Roller EPT sprocket for agricultural EPTTry from EPTT producer SCS

With much more than 20 years’ experience, substantial-precision products and strict administration method, SCS can give sprockets, EPTs, shafts, flanges and relevant EPTT elements for you with stable top quality and greatest support.

Q1: What details will be hugely appreciated for a quotation?
A: It will be desired if you can offer us the drawings, warmth treatment and surface remedy needs, essential amount, quoted forex (USD or EUR), or samples.
Q2: Are you a trading business or manufacturing unit?
A: SCS is a manufacturing facility found in HangEPT, EPTTngsu.
Q3: What is your phrases of payment?
A: T/T 50% in EPT, and fifty% just before shipment. We’ll present you the images of the products and deals prior to you pay out the stability.
Q4: Do you take a look at all your products just before delivery?
A: Sure, SCS has adopted a rigorous good quality management technique and all the things will be inspected according to the inspection instruction with great inspection information.
Q5: Is there any customer that has assessed your top quality administration program?
A:Sure, SCS has passed the audit of a lot of customers, such as EPT, CLAAS, Kardex and so on.
Q6: How does your firm make sure the good quality of the uncooked substance?
A: The steels are bought from our domestic nicely-acknowledged steel mills. Soon after getting the uncooked substance, the metal will be inspected by spectrograph EPTTed from Germany. Apart from, the furnace quantity of metal will be nicely-managed in our ERP system to ensure the traceablity of our goods.
Q7: How do you ensure the substantial quality of items?
A: With integral production processes, a rigid good quality handle technique and EPTTed EPTTs, we can manufacture substantial top quality products.
Q8: What are your phrases of supply?
A: EXW, FOB ZheJiang .
Q9: How about your guide time?
A: Typically it will just take forty five daEPTTafter acquiring your EPT payment. The certain guide time relies upon on the objects and the quantity of your buy.

  in Casablanca Morocco  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Roller Chain Sprocket for Agricultural Machinery From China Manufacturer Scs manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Casablanca Morocco  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Roller Chain Sprocket for Agricultural Machinery From China Manufacturer Scs manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

12A-2, made in China – replacement parts – in Liverpool United Kingdom 60ah-2, 16b-2, 16b-1, 10A-2, 10b-2, 12b-2 Agricultural Rotary Cultivator Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

12A-2,  manufactured in China - replacement parts -  in Liverpool United Kingdom  60ah-2, 16b-2, 16b-1, 10A-2, 10b-2, 12b-2 Agricultural Rotary Cultivator Roller Chain with ce certificate best good quality reduced price

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing facility in China with 5 different branches. For much more specifics: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

ISO 606 Common Agricultural Roller Chain and EPT Chain are fabricated, with alloy metal and stainless steel choice in accordance to your necessity


one, Chain varieties: Roller Chain, conveyor chain, transmission chain, bike roller chain, silent chains, oil pump chains, weld metal drag chains, plastic chains and many others

2, Primary components: It is 40Mn. 40Cr, 45Mn alloy metal, SUS304, and POM Plastic for plates, ten#, twenty#, 20CrMnMo, 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers

3, Heat remedy: Carburizing, Austemper Stressing, nitro-caburizing harden and many others

four, Surface area: Shot peening, black, blue or first

5, Bundle way: Plastic bag+ carton box+ plywood scenario

S type steel agricultural chains
Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Width between outer plates Depth of chain plates Pin diameter Pin length Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Weight per meter
p d1(Max) b1(min) b3(min) h2(Max) d2(Max) b4(Max) T(Max) Qo(min) Q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Kn Kg/m
S32 29.21 eleven.forty three 15.88 20.fifty seven thirteen.five four.47 26.7 one.eight 8 .86
S32-H 29.21 11.forty three fifteen.88 twenty.57 13.five 4.47 26.seven two seventeen.five .88
S32V 29.21 11.forty three fifteen.88   thirteen.five 5.08 29.seven two.1 twenty five .ninety six
S42 34.93 14.27 19.05 25.sixty five 19.eight 7.01 34.three 2.eight 26.seven .96
S42-H 34.93 fourteen.27 19.05 25.sixty five 19.8 7.01 34.3   41  
S45 41.four fifteen.24 22.23 28.96 17.3 five.74 38.one 2.eight 17.8 1.6
S45-H 41.4 15.24 22.23 28.ninety six 17.three 5.seventy four 38.1   32  
S45HF1 41.4 15.24 22.23   seventeen.three 7.fourteen 39.5 3 36.seventy five 2
S55HSD forty one.4 17.seventy eight 22.23   20.four eight.27 39.five three forty five 2.nine
S52 38.1 15.24 22.23 28.ninety six seventeen.three 5.seventy four 38.1 2.8 seventeen.eight one.sixty eight
S52-H 38.1 15.24 22.23 28.ninety six seventeen.three five.seventy four 38.1   32  
S55 forty one.four seventeen.78 22.23 28.ninety six seventeen.3 five.seventy four 38.1 two.8 17.8 1.eight
S55-H 41.four 17.seventy eight 22.23 28.96 17.three 5.seventy four 38.one   32 two.twenty five
S55V forty one.4 17.78 22.23 35.three 20.7 eight.27 39.four 2.9 45 two.22
S55R 41.4 17.78 22.23 34.five 21.two 5.seventy two 37.five 2.6 45 two.49
S55RH 41.four 17.seventy eight 22.23 41.4 22.4 eight.nine 46.4 4 eighty four.five two.seventy four
S62 forty one.ninety one 19.05 25.four 32 17.three five.seventy four forty.6 6.two 26.seven 1.87
S62-H forty one.ninety one 19.05 twenty five.four 32 17.three 5.seventy four forty.six   32  
S62R-C6E 41.ninety one 19.05 twenty five.eight   twenty.one 8.five 44.six 3 42  
S62F3 41.91 19.05 twenty five.4   26.two 8 44.eight 3 fifty eight.7 three.twelve
S77 fifty eight.34 eighteen.26 22.23 31.five 26.two 8.ninety two 43.two four forty four.5 2.66
S77-H fifty eight.34 18.26 22.23 31.5 26.2 eight.ninety two forty three.2   eighty  
S88 66.27 22.86 28.fifty eight 37.85 26.2 eight.92 fifty.8 four 44.5 3.twenty five
S88-H 66.27 22.86 28.58 37.eighty five 26.2 eight.ninety two fifty.8   80  
38.4R 38.four 15.88 19.05   17.three 6.92 36.four 3 forty one.two one.7
38.4V 38.four fifteen.88 eighteen   17.three 6.92 38 three 50 1.83
38.4VB 38.four fifteen.88 19.05   26.two eight.28 39.four 2.8 62.5 2.17
38.4VBF2 38.4 15.88 19.05   twenty.5 8.28 39.one three fifty 2.33
S38 38 16 21.eight   21 nine 43 three 55 two
55VD forty one.4 seventeen.8 23   26.two eight.22 42.4 three 45 2.34
55VDF1-CPEF 41.4 seventeen.nine 22.five   23 9 39.seven 3 50 two.sixty eight
55VF1H2 forty one.four seventeen.nine 22.23   21.4 eight.22 48.4 three sixty 2.ninety two
S55HF2 41.four 23 22.23   20 8.28 45.5 3 forty seven.five four.27
S55HF1 forty one.4 17.seventy eight 22.23   20.four eight.28 forty two.8 3 45 2.nine
LV40 forty twelve 22   seventeen.five 6 forty one 3 31.4 one.fifty three
P41.three forty one.three 15.88 22.23 35.3 twenty.7 8.27 39.four 3 fifty two.forty five
P40.6 40.six 15.88 20 35.forty five 20.seven eight.27 39.4 three 35 1.fifty five
40SH twelve.7 seven.ninety five 7.eighty four   12 three.96 19.nine 2.03 22.four .eighty two
50SH fifteen.875 ten.16 9.four   15.09 five.08 23.4 2.42 30.four one.twenty five
60SH 19.05 11.ninety one 12.57 25.fifty four eighteen 5.94 31.6 three.twenty five 44.1 1.87
80SH twenty five.four 15.88 15.seventy five   24 7.92 37.seven 4 88.2 3.one
100SH 31.seventy five 19.05 eighteen.9   thirty nine.53 46.nine four.eight 116.6 four.52
120SH 38.1 22.23 twenty five.22   35.seven 11.one fifty seven.five five.six 158.two six.6
630SK 19.05 14.28 9.53 17.15 eighteen.one 7.11 28 three.six 42 2.18
630H 19.05 11.ninety one 9.fifty three   eighteen.one five.94 27.eight 3.25 forty two two.sixteen
C40, C08A-1 twelve.seven 7.95 7.85   twelve three.96 sixteen.six one.5 14.one .seventy eight
C50, C10A-one 15.875 ten.sixteen 9.four   15.09 five.08 twenty.seven two 22.2 one.27
C60, C12A-one 19.05 11.91 twelve.fifty seven   18 5.94 twenty five.nine 2.forty two 31.8 one.86
C80, C16A-1 twenty five.four 15.88 fifteen.75   24 7.92 32.7 3.25 fifty six.seven three.03
C100, C20A-one 31.75 19.05 18.nine   30 nine.fifty three 40.four four 88.five four.fifty one
C120, C24A-one 38.one 22.23 twenty five.22   36.two 11.1 fifty.3 4.8 127 6.63
C140, C28A-one 44.forty five twenty five.four 25.22   42.23 12.71 59 5.6 172.4 eight.fifty two
C160, C32A-1 fifty.8 28.fifty eight 31.55   48.26 fourteen.29 39.6 six.four 226.eight eleven.forty eight
08B-2 twelve.7 8.51 seven.seventy five   eleven.eight four.forty five 32.2 one.6 32.07 one.34
12A-2 19.05 11.91 12.57   eighteen 5.94 50.five two.forty two sixty three.6 two.ninety two
12AH-two 19.05 eleven.ninety one 12.fifty seven   eighteen five.94 fifty seven.one three.twenty five sixty three.six three.seventy one
16A-2 twenty five.four 15.88 15.75   24.thirteen seven.92 sixty seven.one three.26 111.2 five.fifteen



two our workshop

three Te EPT Equipments


We are a top manufacturer of mechanical transmission spare elements, as well as many several years one of reliable and trustworthy vendors for European, The us, Iran market place and so forth. Our major objects are roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chain, pulleys, V-belts, sprockets, spur gears, bevel gear, equipment shafts, roller bearings, rollers, conveyor belts and so on.

At present, For South American, European, and Asian marketplace, our excellent products are fabricated according to your necessity and our top quality meets ISO, ASME, DIN normal.


I hope we can do company collectively, and look ahead to hearing from you before long

The use of first equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) portion numbers or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our organization and the outlined substitution areas contained herein are not sponsored, authorized, or manufactured by the OEM.

12A-2,  created in China - alternative elements -  in Liverpool United Kingdom  60ah-2, 16b-2, 16b-1, 10A-2, 10b-2, 12b-2 Agricultural Rotary Cultivator Roller Chain with ce certificate leading quality minimal price

12A-2,  made in China - replacement elements -  in Liverpool United Kingdom  60ah-2, 16b-2, 16b-1, 10A-2, 10b-2, 12b-2 Agricultural Rotary Cultivator Roller Chain with ce certificate best quality reduced price tag

12A-2,  manufactured in China - alternative elements -  in Liverpool United Kingdom  60ah-2, 16b-2, 16b-1, 10A-2, 10b-2, 12b-2 Agricultural Rotary Cultivator Roller Chain with ce certificate leading high quality low value